Ready for a new experience? 

All you need to know about the new digital banking experience for personal members.

We’ve launched a new mobile app and online banking experience for our personal members!

Watch this video for a sneak peek:

(Business members, we’re working on your digital banking experience too. We’ll let you know when that’s ready later this year!) 

What are we doing to improve your experience? 

The way people work is changing; the way people bank is changing. We have invested in the latest banking technology and are improving your digital banking experience, giving you even more reliable, accessible and secure features over time.

If you're a personal member, you now have access to a new mobile banking app and online banking that will give you a new experience when doing your banking on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. You’ll see a new layout of features that is bright and fresh with intuitive navigation. You’ll find many of the same features as before, and even a few new ones, like enhanced security and managing your Collabria credit card! Click here to learn more about what's changing.

While we serve you digitally with these easy to use tools that keep pace with your lifestyle, we remain committed to providing you with the personal service you expect. You will always connect to a person when you contact G&F, someone who is ready to listen and to help you achieve your life beyond bankingTM.      

How to download the new app

How to login to the new online banking

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play (click below!)
  2. Look for the NEW app icon 
  3. Download the app 
  1. Go to and click the orange LOGIN TO button at top right 

Look for the NEW app!

While you’re browsing the app stores, you’ll see that both our original and new apps are available for download. The new app icon will have a blue banner. 

How to get help 

Representatives at our Member Hub are ready to assist you. Call 604-419-8888, Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturdays, 8am to 4pm. 

Get more information!

Click here to read the latest updates and Frequently Asked Questions about digital banking. Bookmark this page so you can stay up to date about new features as we work to enhance your digital banking experience over time.

Updates to the login page for online banking

We have updated the login page for online banking. From here you can choose to go to the original or new online banking. If you’re a business member you’ll login to the same business online banking experience you're using now.

While we encourage personal members to try the new app and online banking, the original services will continue to be available. When it comes time to retire them, we’ll let you know well in advance.

What will happen to the original mobile app and online banking? 

You will continue to have access to both the original and new digital banking experiences for a period of time. At some point we'll be closing the older experiences so we can focus on providing you with even more new features in our new experience. This won’t happen overnight. We’ll give you advance notice before anything changes! 

A reminder for business members that you'll continue to use the original experience for now. We'll let you know once your new experience is ready later this year!

We want to hear from you!

Have you tried the new mobile banking app? Click here to fill out a 1-minute survey. 

Have you tried the new online banking experience? If you prefer banking with your computer, you can send your comments or questions through this 1-minute survey.

Your feedback will inform future enhancements we build for your digital banking experience. So let us know!