Frequently asked questions for doing your banking from home or anywhere!

As of July 8, 2021, you can receive more money per day through Interac e-Transfers. The incoming limit per transfer has changed from $10,000 to $25,000 and there's no daily limit on the cumulative amount deposited from multiple e-Transfers.

Transfer money using Interac e-Transfers, wire transfers and our international transfer service through Agility Forex.

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​Interac e-Transfers

With Interac e-Transfers, you can send money to your friends and family through email or text message. Anyone with account at a Canadian financial institution can receive the money you send and there's no need to exchange bank account information.

Questions about sending, receiving and cancelling an e-transfer

Questions about Request Money

Questions about Autodeposit

​Wire transfers

International transfers

Use Deposit Anywhere to deposit cheques from the comfort of your home.

Deposit Anywhere is a free service in G&F’s mobile banking app that enables you to deposit a cheque by taking a photo and submitting it to G&F.

Deposit Anywhere is also referred to as "remote deposit". Whether you’re at coffee with friends, at work, or up late doing your banking, any time is the right time to deposit your cheques.

We know you lead a busy life. G&F's mobile banking app makes it easy for you to handle your day-to-day banking on the go.

Download your free app and get started today!

Search for “gffg” in the App Store or at Google Play

Click here to learn more about our new mobile banking app for personal members! 

Telephone banking offers you a safe and convenient way to handle your banking needs.

Call us anytime—that's 7 days a week, 24 hours a day—with any touch-tone phone and we'll complete your transaction.

You can reach G&F's telephone banking services, toll-free, at 1-855-363-7600. If you're within the Lower Mainland of BC, you can call our local number: 604-419-7600.

Please have your account number, branch number and 5-digit security code ready before calling.

Use text message banking to monitor your account balance and transactions.

As a FREE service for all members of G&F Financial Group*, you can receive real-time information about your account anytime, anywhere, through your mobile phone**.

Security features include the ability to control which account(s) gets displayed as well as a disable feature if your phone is misplaced.

*Text messaging fees from your phone service provider may apply.
**The amount shown for your available balance will include your line of credit.

Frequently asked questions about text message banking

Use G&F online banking for your business.

You can choose to free up time by delegating your employees to assist you with day-to-day banking transactions.

Questions about managing delegates

Get your benefit payments and tax refunds faster.

Sign up for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit. A fast, convenient and secure way to get your CRA payments directly into your account.

This includes payments such as:

  • Income tax refunds
  • GST/HST credit and any similar provincial and territorial payments
  • Canada child benefit and any similar provincial and territorial payments
  • Canada workers benefits

See this page for more information.