Plan for your bright tomorrow with our 2.00%* Bright Term Rate. 

*Conditions apply, rates subject to change, limited time offer.



Bright Term Rate

3 year Escalator
​Cashable annually

Our Bright Term Rates are market leading rates available for a limited time!

Bright Term Rates features:

  • Low minimum deposit of $500
  • Growth: Earn 2.00%* effective rate; 1.00% first year, 2.00% second year, 3.00% third year.
  • Flexibility: cashable on annual anniversary
  • Risk free – your principal is 100% guaranteed**
  • Invest in your choice of non-registered and registered accounts (RRSP, RIF and TFSA)
  • Escalator terms provide gradual and guaranteed growth over a set period of time 

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Disclaimer: *Conditions apply, offer can end at any time. Earn 2.00% effective rate (1.00% first year, 2.00% second year, 3.00% third year). Cashable on the annual anniversary. G&F Financial Group is the trade name of Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union.

**The Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees deposits of BC credit unions under the Financial Institutions Act