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Executive team

Chris Goodman

Chief Information Officer

Chris Goodman is the Chief Information Officer at G&F Financial Group. He has been with the credit union for 21 years, joining in 1997 as Manager, Information Systems and moving into his current role in 2018.

Chris has a Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts. He is a Certified Chief Executive (CCE) with the Credit Union Executives Society.

Chris oversees what could be seen as the backbone of the tech-friendly, ambitious credit union that is G&F. He is responsible for IT infrastructure, Property and Premises, Business Applications, Business Analytics, all related to information technology and providing IT solutions for employees and credit union members. He provides guidance to a staff of 15.

Chris served on the Board of Directors of Ficanex Services – The Exchange Network in Canada for nine years. Ficanex provides a shared ATM network for credit unions and banks in Canada. Chris was part of a team that oversaw the transformation of Ficanex from being an ATM network to being a network composed of multiple points of presence for an enhanced network effect, benefiting the Canadian credit union system. The modernized Exchange Network now uses tunl.™ technology to allow credit union partners such as FinTechs (financial technology companies) to mediate through the network and provide added value for network participants.

Chris is an advocate for digital transformation in the Canadian credit union system, maintaining a primary objective of enabling credit unions to uphold the integral relationships they have with their members within the digital realm.

Chris represents the Back Office Collaborative (BOC) group on Central 1’s Digital Banking Steering Committee and chairs the BOC technology stream, where advocacy for digital transformation is taking place. He spends time on initiatives that build network effect and generate interest around digital transformation.  He encourages conversation with other credit unions within the Canadian community, building collaboration. As Chris says,

“We all need to work together to generate effective economies. We can accelerate our development by collaborating and moving forward together as a credit union system.”