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Member stories

Marla Brock
Member since 2015, West Broadway Branch

Empowering business success

Since Marla Brock, CEO of Couver Services Inc., moved her business banking to G&F Financial Group, she has grown her company to include three lines of business: child care on demand, eco-friendly cleaning services, and home-based care and support for seniors.

Marla describes the credit union as a partner in her success from the very beginning. She values having an approachable, solution-focused team in her corner, one that truly understands her business and supports her plans for the future. Looking ahead, Marla hopes to expand beyond Vancouver and knows that G&F Financial Group will provide excellent advice and financially guide her every step of the way.

“For a lot of people in business, banking can be very intimidating. Dealing with the big banks was frustrating and left me with a cold feeling. G&F is different.”

Empower your business with help from a G&F expert.

Karan Soni

Business Relationship Manager