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Down Syndrome Research Foundation

With support from the G&F Financial Group Foundation, the Down Syndrome Research Foundation empowers adult learners through technology.

Driven to empower people with Down syndrome to reach their full potential, the Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF) has partnered with people and families impacted by Down syndrome since 1995 and works to apply research and resources to help those with a Down syndrome diagnosis achieve a better quality of life. DSRF strives to give people with Down syndrome the opportunity to be capable and contributing members of their local communities – including working, volunteering, socializing and living as independently as they desire. DSRF works with people of all ages, from infant to senior, and provides supports and programs to facilitate growth and achievement in all life stages.

The G&F Financial Group Foundation gave funds to DSRF to buy laptops for their adult education classroom. Just as G&F is dedicated to providing financial empowerment to members, DSRF empowers their adult learners by giving them access to the technology they need in order to learn practical skills such as reading, communication, social skills, and budgeting. The computers also help give adult learners the chance to become comfortable with technology, which helps open the doors to jobs and further education.

“With the donation from the G&F Financial Group Foundation, we are able to give dozens of adult learners the chance to become technologically literate, and learn the practical skills necessary to help them achieve their goals,” says Glen Hoos, Director of Marketing and Development.

DSRF has received tremendous success with their adult learning program and has seen many of the participants launch into successful and fulfilling careers. The programs help break down some of the barriers that people with Down syndrome can face, giving them the chance to carve out their own path in their communities.

“One of our adult learners completed the program and got a job working in the kitchen at the Edgewater Casino last year. He’s loved by the staff and he’s truly enjoying his independence,” adds Hoos.

All of the programs facilitated by DSRF rely on funding to keep costs low in order to make them financially accessible to participants. 

The G&F Financial Group Foundation is dedicated to giving funds to local charity and non-profit initiatives that align with G&F values and make a positive and lasting change in our neighbourhoods. 

​Supporting our community is at the very heart of what we do.

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