G&F mobile website

G&F is pleased to announce that we are launching a more robust mobile platform for the G&F website on Tuesday, November 28.

The new mobile G&F website will be touch-friendly and contain many of the same pages, content and features as the full G&F site, including online banking. To access online banking from the mobile website, you’ll enter the same credentials that you use to access online banking from the full website.

On November 28, you won’t need to download an app, just visit www.gffg.com from your smartphone and you’ll see our new mobile site.

The G&F mobile website is optimized to work on any mobile phone with a desktop-class web browser. This includes:

  1. Safari for iPhones
  2. Google Android
  3. Blackberry browser

We also have a G&F app for iPhones and Android phones. Learn more.

See below for a few examples of what the mobile G&F website will look like as of November 28.