G&F Investment Equity Shares

Share in your credit union profits

Exclusive to G&F members, we're offering an opportunity to invest in your credit union through Class C Investment Equity Shares (G&F Investment Equity Shares).

These shares help strengthen G&F's capital, supporting future growth and development. And, as a member, you'll receive a premium rate of return on your investment. Historically, G&F Equity Shares have outperformed traditional term deposits (please refer to table below for more information).

G&F Investment Equity Shares are a good investment for members who:
  • Can invest a minimum of $500
  • Are seeking higher returns
  • Are comfortable with an investment where returns are not guaranteed
  • Have a long investment time horizon
If you're interested in investing in G&F Investment Equity Shares and share in your credit union's profits, or would like more information, please connect with us.