Service Fees

Service Fee Charges

With the introduction of our GO&GROW Plans, we have also updated our service fees.

Reduce Your Monthly Service Fees

Here are a few ways you can minimize the fees you pay on your account:

Choose the Plan That Really Suits Your Needs
Depending on the type and number of transactions you carry out, our GO&GROW Plans can help reduce your fees. High users of branch services should consider our GO Complete or GO Boundless Plans, while young adults between 19 and 24 can benefit from our fee-free GO Getter Plan. Not sure which plan is right for you? Find out with our easy-to-use Plan Selector tool.

Use Electronic Services
Fees on the Internet and telephone banking transactions are considerably lower than fees on the same transactions carried out in-branch. Ask our staff to show you how the convenience of electronic bill payments, debit card payments, and ATMs can help you save time and money.

Ask For "Cashback"
Next time you pay for a purchase using Direct Payment with your MemberCard, ask the retailers for "Cashback"*. The cash you receive from the participating retailer will automatically be added to your purchase and be debited directly from your account. It saves you money and a trip to the ATM.


*Dollar amount restrictions may apply