Discover your Smart Money Score

Discover your Smart Money Score

Your plans for a bright tomorrow start today. Ask us how you can discover your Smart Money Score.

Are you trying to pay down debt? Do you need help with your budget?

You have financial goals and aspirations—whether that means figuring out budget you can live with, getting out of debt, or saving for your future – or all of the above! But without a plan to follow, you may find it difficult to achieve your goals. That's why we want to help you understand and take better control of your finances—so that you can enjoy life beyond banking.

We focus on educating and empowering you to plan, prepare and dream bigger.

It is our priority to ensure that you gain the clarity and direction you need to achieve your financial goals. We’re firm believers that smart advice and effective planning leads to big achievements and that the right time to begin managing your money is now.

How can a G&F expert help me?

  • Experience – steering you through your various life stages or business cycles
  • Investment discipline – helping you keep money and emotions separate
  • Investment suitability – finding the right risk/reward balance
  • The value of time – allowing you time to focus on your family and career
  • Referrals putting you in touch with other financial services providers, such as tax and estate specialists
  • Tax efficiency – recommending appropriate savings plans and tax-efficient products ​offered by fund companies

Get personalized advice from a G&F advisor and learn how you can achieve your financial goals.

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Our Smart Money Plan™ approach

Our accredited experts take the time to get to know your needs and financial goals—forming a relationship focused on you. We listen carefully before we create a customized Smart Money Plan that allows you to meet your financial goals, take charge of your finances and make a difference in your financial future. 

Whether you are planning for retirement, protecting your wealth or saving for a large purchase, we focus on helping you throughout your financial journey. We can call you when convenient to review your investments, update your plan, answer your questions, and recommend adjustments to help keep you on track. As your needs or circumstances change, your dedicated financial planner will work with you to keep your plan updated and help you meet your financial goals.

Get your Smart Money Plan™ today.

To get started, call our Member Hub at 604-419-8888 to book an appointment with a G&F advisor. Note that due to COVID-19 protocols, your appointment will take place over the phone.

Make sure you have this information on hand for the initial phone call with your G&F advisor: 

We want to make sure we understand your current financial situation. To help with this process, make sure you have the following information on hand:

  1. Pension, RESP, RRSP, and/or RIF statements
  2. Recent investment and bank statements
  3. Most recent tax assessment
  4. Breakdown of monthly expenses

The more information you can provide, the more accurate your plan will be!

"It’s truly rewarding to see the sigh of relief when members realize the potential growth of their wealth through a personalized Smart Money Plan."

Zaiba Riaf, Investment Specialist, G&F, Credential Asset Management Inc.

Read more about Zaiba and her team and how they'll work with you on your Smart Money PlanTM.

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