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At G&F we’re passionate about empowering you with financial knowledge. 

Explore our How Do I... library. Learn how you can plan for your future, make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.

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Home ownership

Buy a home

Are you a first-time home buyer?

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Dreaming of a chef's kitchen? Let's make that happen. 

Life expenses

Pay for school

Focus on text books, not cheque books.

Plan for a vacation

Stay protected and enjoy worry-free travel.

Manage an estate

Understanding what to do when the unexpected happens can help you feel better prepared.

Make a will and estate plan

Learn how to get started writing a legal will and prepare your family for the future.


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Ready to learn the fundamentals of investing?

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What's the difference between saving and investing?

Pay lower taxes when investing

What are your options to save on taxes? 

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A smarter way to manage your term deposits


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Are you on track or just getting started? 


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Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses like prescriptions, vision care, dental care and more...