Smart Money Brochures

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Buying your first home

Learn about :

  • How to determine your price point
  • What to consider before you begin your house hunt
  • Home buying costs
  • The offer process 

Planning for retirement

Learn about:

  • RRSPs
  • 5 reasons to open a RRSP
  • Is a RRSP right for you? 
  • How to get started

Protecting against fraud

Learn about:

  • What is financial fraud?  
  • Identity theft  
  • Online fraud – phishing, pharming, tabnapping and malware 
  • How to protect yourself  

Saving for education

Learn about:

  • RESPs
  • Six reasons to open a RESP  
  • Is a RESP right for you?  
  • How to get started

Tax free savings

Learn about:

  • TFSAs
  • Four reasons to open a TFSA
  • How to get started

Understanding credit

Learn about:

  • Types of credit
  • Finding your balance 
  • Smart use of credit 
  • Applying for a loan 

Understanding insurance

Learn about:

  • What is insurance and how does it work? 
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Living benefits insurance 
  • Annuities

Understanding mortgages

Learn about:

  • What is a mortgage and how does it work?
  • Determine your price point
  • What mortgage term option is right for you?
  • First time homebuyers incentive
  • Getting a mortgage