Executive team

Gus K. Hartl


Gus K. Hartl joined our credit union as President in August 2021 following the successful merger with Aldergrove Credit Union.

Gus has been working in the financial services industry since 1980 and holds a Business Diploma from the University of the Fraser Valley. He has a strong skillset in business and operations management, having held leadership roles at large and small credit unions. He brings a wealth of experience in change management and an innate ability for collaborating with, and leveraging, system partners. Well known for his work in building and supporting the community where he resides, Gus is a Charter member and current Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Aldergrove.

Gus has been working with credit unions for 36 years: 16 years with First Heritage Savings Credit Union/Envision and the last 20 years with Aldergrove Credit Union, including 15 years as Chief Executive Officer. He recognizes the transformative period that credit unions are in as consumer demands and the fast evolution of digital banking have forced the hand of cooperatives—they must make significant investments in technology or risk losing members.

“Clearly, we have hit a period of time where credit unions are searching for their path forward and consolidation/mergers are both needed and welcomed, and when done right, can secure the future of our cooperative business models.”

Gus took on a key leadership role, along with Co-CEOs, Bill Kiss and Jeff Shewfelt, in guiding the merger of Aldergrove Credit Union and G&F Financial Group—both strong, long-standing cooperatives. The merger was unique in approach, where systems and processes of the credit unions were analyzed and the best of both was brought together to form a stronger organization. Throughout the due diligence phase, Gus kept his employees’ wellbeing top of mind and spent hours on the phone with members throughout the proposal stage. Ultimately, Gus’ vision for our merged credit union is:

“To be able to provide the products and services our members want; where, when and how they want it done, while maintaining the close community and cooperative feel we have developed over our history.” 

Gus is active in the credit union industry, having served as past President and now Trustee with the Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia as well as serving as Board member of the Stabilization Central Credit Union. Gus believes strongly in fostering talent and leaders in the credit union system and has participated in the mentoring program for CEOs for the past five years. His modus operandi is based on respect, humility and keeping an open mind.

“You won’t always be the smartest person in the room, so listen, ask questions and surround yourself with smarter people than you.”

Having mentored many people through their credit union careers, Gus offers this advice to young people entering the financial services industry:

“Don’t be in a rush to move on to the next role. Take the time you need to learn the job and when you excel at that job, new opportunities will be presented to you to keep you challenged.”