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AGM and election


Your membership with G&F entitles you to vote on policies, elect Board members, and even run for a seat on the Board of Directors.

Am I eligible to vote?

All members in good standing who were members of the credit union are eligible to vote for the G&F Financial Group Board of Directors, with the exception of junior members (persons under 19 years of age).

How do I vote?

Voting is easy! In early March of each year, personal members can vote within online banking.

Don’t have access to online banking? Contact us today to get started or call our Member Hub at 604-419-8888. You can also get paper ballot by calling our Member Hub for information on how to obtain one. 

If you are a non-personal member (e.g., company, society, unincorporated association), a paper ballot will be mailed directly to you each year. Follow the instructions on the ballot carefully and return it by mail. Postage is pre-paid when mailed within Canada. Online voting is not available to non-personal members at this time. 

Questions? If you have any questions about the election or your eligibility, please contact our Member Hub at 604-419-8888 or

Annual General Meeting

Each year, G&F Financial Group hosts its Annual General Meeting (AGM). All members are invited.

At the AGM, you receive an insider’s perspective into the credit union – you have the opportunity to learn about highlights from the past year, review our financial statements and take a look at our plans for the upcoming year.

The AGM provides a great opportunity to ask any questions, raise concerns or tell us what you like about G&F Financial Group! You also get a chance to personally meet our Board of Directors and Co-CEOs, as well as fellow members.

Notice of call for Board of Director nominations

Are you a natural leader inspired to make a difference in your credit union and community? 

G&F Financial Group will open its call for Board of Director nominations on January 2, 2020. Stay tuned for more information and instructions on how to apply.