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Member stories

The Steveston Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting the long and colourful history of the beautiful village of Steveston, British Columbia.

From the town’s First Nation’s roots, providing summer fishing camps for the Musqueam Peoples, to the lasting and impactful legacy of Japanese Canadians who made Steveston their home, the Steveston Historical Society has been collecting, displaying and telling the stories of this quaint village since 1976.

The Steveston Historical Society is passionate about bringing the past to life through interactive and tactile displays, ranging from exquisitely preserved buildings, powerful videos and walking tours that take visitors back in time. 

“The village you see today is the result of enormous effort, dedication and sacrifice from a multitude of people, organizations and societies.

We are doing our best to continue this legacy by pursuing historic initiatives that engage the community and inform the public about the unique history of Steveston."

~ Sarah Glen, Executive Director, Steveston Historical Society (2015 – 2018)

With funds from the G&F Financial Group Foundation, the Steveston Historical Society spearheaded an initiative called “Treading Through Time”, which is a comprehensive brochure that is designed to guide Steveston locals and visitors on a self-guided tour through the village. By highlighting the significant and meaningful physical markers in the village, the roots of Steveston’s past remain relevant to a new generation of people who live, work and make Steveston their home.

“The Treading Through Time self-guided walking tour map allows both residents and visitors alike to learn more about the significance behind some of the buildings that house Steveston businesses and historical areas in our village."

~ Linda Barnes, Chair, Steveston Historical Society

The G&F Financial Group Foundation is dedicated to giving funds to local charity and non-profit initiatives that align with G&F values and make a positive and lasting change in our neighbourhoods.

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