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Member stories

Margaret Szerepi
Member since 1976, Main Street Branch

G&F gave Margaret a roof over her head and security for her family

Margaret Szerepi bought her Vancouver home in 1962, with her husband. After their separation in 1976, she needed the house to raise her two children. After being rejected by a bigger financial institution for being a single mother with one income, Margaret turned to G&F Financial Group (then known as “United Savings Credit Union”) – a local credit union who took the time to listen to her needs and who set her up with a mortgage, car loan and gave her the financial boost she needed to start out on her own.

With financial guidance from G&F, Margaret was able to give her children the stability of continuing to live in the same home.  With a home to call their own, Margaret’s children grew up surrounded by music, art, love and a healthy sense of well-being.

When the children grew up, Margaret arranged a loan through the credit union for her daughter to purchase a car and her daughter has been with G&F ever since and is quite happy with their service.  Her son has also had various loans with the credit union and does banking with them.

Margaret took up square dancing in 1985, a passion that almost didn’t get off the ground because she was a single woman. “The community centre wouldn’t let me dance because I didn’t have a partner”, she recalls.

Not letting that barrier stop her, she noticed in the local newspaper an ad for a “Swinging Singles” square dance club. Soon, what started as a casual hobby quickly grew and, before she knew it, Margaret was square dancing in events all across Canada. 

After retiring from her job as an administrative assistant at Pacific Blue Cross in 2001, Margaret has been on many   cruises, land tours, plays Mexican Train Dominoes at a community centre, tends her gardens and enjoys time with her children and grandchildren.  She also plays the piano, enjoys her computer, TV and goes to movies. 

Margaret is the No. 1 fan for her daughter’s Celtic Band and violin orchestra, going to a lot of their concerts. She gets immense pleasure listening to them.  

Reflecting on her relationship with G&F, she says “They always make me feel so welcome and important. I don’t feel like ‘just’ a customer – I feel like I count.”

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