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Member stories

Christophe Bonzon
Member since 2014, North Burnaby Branch

"G&F gave my business the opportunity to grow."

Christophe Bonzon is clearly passionate about his work and it shows. The display cases at his award-winning chocolate shop, Chez Christophe, entice visitors with elegant and handmade chocolate creations. A pastry chef for over 18 years, Christophe and his wife decided to put down roots in Burnaby, BC and have a go at opening their own business.

Since opening in 2012, Chez Christophe has flourished, becoming a pillar of The Heights neighbourhood of Burnaby. As a result of his early success, Christophe realized he needed better equipment and a renovated space in order to keep up with the demand for his delicious product.

In contrast to his sweet concoctions, Christophe’s experience trying to get a bank to sign off on funding his equipment and renovations left a bitter taste in his mouth. 

Christophe’s luck changed when he happened to strike up a conversation with Branch Manager, Gill Sherwood, during a networking event at G&F's North Burnaby Branch. Christophe connected with Gill and shared his frustration with trying to get the funds he needed to help his business continue to grow. A few days after talking to Gill, Christophe came to G&F's North Burnaby Branch with the same request he had put before the bank. This time, he was approved. 

Since then, Chez Christophe has done so well that the business has  expanded into a bigger location across the street from the original shop. Thanks to his relationship with G&F, he was able to receive the funds necessary to support the expansion.

With locals and visitors alike flocking to experience the amazing chocolate creations in his shop, Christophe says he is thankful to G&F for seeing his potential and partnering with him to help Chez Christophe reach new heights of success.

“We are proud to see Chez Christophe be recognized for their quality and creativity from the public, business and trade organizations,” says Gill Sherwood, G&F Branch Manager. 

“As a local, community based credit union, it’s important to us to support local businesses who make up the heart of our communities. The branch employees are also happy to have made Chez Christophe the official birthday cake supplier for the North Burnaby Branch!”

Give your business the opportunity to grow with help from a G&F expert.

Karan Soni

​Business Relationship Manager