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Employee spotlights


Aarti Lal

Wealth Management Coordinator

Aarti immigrated to Canada in 2017 and set to work finding employment. She took on low paying jobs to pay the rent and other household expenses while she focused on getting work in the Canadian finance industry. After applying to few financial institutions, Aarti found herself considering two job opportunities! She chose G&F.

“It was hard to find work in my own field in the beginning as I didn’t have Canadian experience. I worked at Walmart and in restaurants to gain some Canadian experience while I applied to financial institutions.

Being a growth-oriented professional, I believe the growth opportunities at G&F are much more—G&F being a more fast-paced developing organization than other, developed institutions… you always get more exposure, more opportunities and you can show your potential more.

I would rather be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in an ocean.”

New to the Canadian workforce, Aarti—like many—had to first demonstrate her strengths and talents before landing a role best suited to her. She started with G&F as a Member Services Partner and worked in that role for about nine months before her manager suggested she apply for a role in G&F’s Wealth Management team. Her manager knew Aarti had strong experience and skills and believed that Aarti could continue to grow in her career within the Wealth Management team. Aarti is now well established with the team and is feeling positive about the experience:

“The experience which I bring, along with working with such a professional and experienced team, is sharpening my skills and will help me climb the ladder of success. I am really glad to have such a team to work with.”

What do you enjoy most about working for G&F Financial Group?

Most important part of a workplace is the team and our team at G&F is awesome. I really love to work with the people at G&F.

Also it’s the trust of the management in you that encourages and motivates you to do your best. Employees don’t leave the organization, they leave their managers. But if the managers are like Michael, no employee would ever like to leave.  

What opportunities has G&F given you so far?

I started working in clearing services. However, since I had almost 10 years of experience in Wealth Management, G&F gave me opportunity to join their Wealth Management team so that I can utilize my experience and grow in my field.

How would you describe G&F’s culture?

The culture at G&F is empowering, encouraging and innovative, which motivates me to give my best.

What’s one piece of career advice you would give to those looking for a position with Wealth Management?

The Wealth Management team is very helpful and they like to guide anyone looking for advice. I suggest that you sit with someone in the team to get better idea of the department, job profile, the expectations and educational requirements for the role you are looking forward to. This will help you plan your career in the industry.

How would you sum up your experience at G&F in one word?


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