Extended PAC FAQs

When is extended PAC taking effect? Expand/Collapse

Extended PAC is being introduced on Tuesday, November 14. After that day, the first time you log in to online banking, you will be prompted to change your current PAC to an extended PAC before continuing into online banking. 

Who does the extended PAC change impact? Expand/Collapse

Extended PAC will impact all G&F members who use online banking. All members must update their current PAC to an extended PAC in order to continue using online banking.

What if I don't want to change my PAC? Expand/Collapse

The switch to extended PAC is mandatory for all members who wish to continue to access online banking. If you do not change your PAC, you are welcome to access your account using other methods – including in-person banking at our branches or telephone banking.

Which platforms are impacted by the extended PAC change? Expand/Collapse

The extended PAC will impact all devices and platforms currently used to access online banking (desktop/laptop computer, mobile platform and G&F app).  Extended PAC will not impact telephone banking, which will retain your existing PIN.

What are the parameters for creating an extended PAC? Expand/Collapse

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Maximum of 30 characters
  • Must contain 1 upper case character
  • Must contain 1 lower case character
  • Must contain 1 numeric character
  • Some special characters may be used, but are optional. Supported special characters include:
     ! @#$()-\/|?,.:'

Who can I contact if I have questions or need assistance setting up the extended PAC? Expand/Collapse

For assistance with extended PAC, please contact the G&F Member Hub at 604-419-8888.