Extended PAC

To continue to adhere with online banking security best practices, G&F Financial Group will be introducing an extended Personal Access Code (PAC) for the G&F online banking environment on Tuesday, November 14.

When you first log into online banking on or after this date, you will be prompted to change your current PAC to your new extended PAC. 

When you set your new PAC, you must comply within the following parameters:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Maximum of 30 characters
  • Must contain 1 upper case character
  • Must contain 1 lower case character
  • Must contain 1 numeric character
  • Some special characters may be used, but are optional. Supported special characters include:

Special Characters Allowed



Exclamation Mark


At Sign


Number Sign


Dollar Sign


Left Round Bracket or Left Parentheses


Right Round Bracket or Right Parentheses








Vertical Bar or Pipe


Question Mark








Apostrophe or Single Quote

The extended PAC will impact all devices currently used to access online banking (desktop/laptop computer, mobile platform and G&F app).   Extended PAC will not impact telephone banking, which will retain your existing PIN.

If you have any questions or require assistance setting up your extended PAC on or after November 14, please contact the G&F Member Hub at 604-419-8888 or visit your local branch.

For general security tips for online banking, please refer to this page.