Online Banking

With online banking, you can access and manage your finances when and where it is convenient for you. You can check account balances, download your bank statement, pay bills and transfer funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Account create - open new accounts online

Account Create is a feature in online banking that gives you the power to open and fund new additional accounts without stepping inside a branch. Open the following accounts online:

  • Chequing accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Non-registered Term Deposits
  • RRSP accounts
  • TFSAs

If you’re already a G&F Financial Group member, simply login to online banking and select  Open a New Account from the left navigation menu, under Account Services. Follow the prompts to create your new account. This new account will immediately become available in online banking.

If you have any questions about Account Create or would like to be guided through the process, please contact the Member Hub at 604-419-8888.

*Please note that this feature is exclusive to Personal Online Banking and is restricted to single owner accounts. Please contact us if you would like to open a joint or Business Account.

Multiple cheque viewer

Performing cheque reconciliation, or simply want to better manage your accounts with greater clarity into your account and cheque history?

Keep track of your cheques with G&F’s Multiple Cheque Viewer feature, available via online banking and Small Business Online Banking. Its’ simple!

  1. Click on the View Cheque Images link located in the left navigation menu under My Accounts. 
  2. Select the Account, Date Range and Viewing Options you want
  3. Click Search
  4. A digital image of your cheques will be displayed, with details including the cheque number, date processed, amount, and balance of the account after the cheque was processed.

Security Expand/Collapse

Our online banking system is safeguarded with the best security available in a commercial environment, ensuring that your information is protected while data is transmitted between your computer and our banking server.


Internet encryption protects your information while it is in transit between your computer and our systems. Encryption ensures that data cannot be read or altered because the information is scrambled. Our online banking website uses a 128-bit SSL, encrypting both request and response transactions, through a secure connection. To establish a secure connection, verify that the prefix of our website address in your browser reads 'https' (and not simply 'http'). All the browsers we support meet this requirement. If yours doesn't, please download the appropriate encryption support from your browser's supplier.

Controlled access to your accounts

Your accounts can only be accessed by providing the correct login credentials and Personal Access Code (PAC), which only you know. Our employees never know these details and will never ask you to provide them with this information.

For security reasons, we track the number of login attempts used to access your online banking. After a number of incorrect attempts to provide the correct PAC or answers to security questions, your online access will be immediately disabled. To regain access, please call the Member Hub.

Security tips

To protect yourself and your financial information in the online space, here are some tips:

Password security:

  • Choose unique passwords. Passwords should be between five and eight characters with a mix of numbers and letters. Avoid obvious choices like pet names and birthdays.
  • Do not use the same password for all of your online activities
  • Change your passwords frequently, and do not reveal your passwords to anyone or write them down

Other online security tips:

  • Only share personal information with trusted third parties
  • When you are finished with online banking, make sure you are properly logged out and have closed your browser
  • Use a firewall and keep your computer system up to date with antivirus protection

Report security concerns. If you have a concern with unauthorized online banking activity, please contact your local branch or call our Member Hub at 1-866-736-4334