Smart Money sessions

Empowerment through education

We believe that a financially literate community means a strong, thriving one. It is our passion to educate others, empowering everyone to make informed financial decisions for a richer, fulfilling life. G&F Financial Group regularly hosts sessions on a variety of personal finance topics. These Smart Money sessions are free and open to all - you don't have to be a member to attend.

You deserve financial confidence

June 12 June 14
Smart Money Seminar - First time home buyer Fleetwood Branch, West Richmond Branch, Metrotown Branch

Led by industry experts this informative session will focus on useful tips and advice that will help you navigate the world of real estate. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Decide which kind of mortgages and payment terms are best for you
  2. Create a successful mortgage application and offer
  3. Understand mortgage and home ownership associated costs
  4. Be aware of ‘hidden’ fees related to real estate
Space is limited - RSVP today!