Charitable Giving

Did you know you can leave a gift to charity in your will? That gift could be in many forms—GICs, cash, stocks, bonds—it’s your choice. You’ll support a cause you believe in and you’ll receive tax benefits for leaving funds to a charity.

In this G&F Smart Money Podcast, Financial Planner Tyler MacLean talks about Charitable Gift Giving with Lisa Rosales, a Fundraiser with the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Got eight minutes to spare? You’ll learn about:
• Legacy planning 
• Leaving a gift to charity using your life insurance plan
• Tax benefits of charitable giving
• Transferring assets such as mutual funds or bonds to a charity
• Three ways to leave a charitable gift in your will

What you plan for today may be different from what you want to happen 10, 20, or 30 years later. It’s a good idea to review your will and ensure you have given clear direction as to where you’d like your hard-earned money to go.