Tune in to listen to our G&F experts discuss topics such as buying a first home, the importance of life insurance and more in our Smart Money podcasts. 

First Time Homebuyers

Are you getting ready to buy your first home? Listen to our "First Time Homebuyer" podcast to get valuable tips and advice on what you need to know before you start househunting.

Insurance and Living Benefits

Insurance provides invaluable financial security for you and your loved ones. Listen to our "Insurance and Living Benefits" podcast to learn about how you can better protect your family.

Registered Education Savings Plan

RESPs can help you save for your child's bright future. Listen to our "Registered Education Savings Plan" podcast to learn about how you can set your child up for educational success.


Do you want to know what savings plan makes sense for you? Listen to our "RRSP vs. TFSA" podcast to find out the key differences between the plans and how to know which one works with your financial goals.

Smart Saving with Tax Efficient Investments

Learn how to maximize your investments by adding tax efficient products to your portfolio

The Value of Advice

Do you know all the benefits that come from working with a financial professional? Learn about how partnering with an expert can help you reach your financial goals.

The Credit Union Advantage

Our G&F panel discusses credit union differentiators and busts some common myths about using credit unions over banks.

The Fundamentals of Investing

Our Wealth Management expert discusses how anyone can get started on their investing journey.

Socially Responsible Investing

Learn all about socially responsible investments (SRIs) and how you can successfully incorporate them into your investing portfolio

Understanding Credit

Learn about the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit, and how credit is important to your personal finances.

Charitable Giving

Did you know you can leave a gift to charity in your will? That gift could be in many forms—GICs, cash, stocks, bonds—it’s your choice. You’ll support a cause you believe in and you’ll receive tax benefits for leaving funds to a charity.