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February 2018 market update

What is happening in the markets?

There are several reasons we are seeing volatility global markets.  Here is a summary of two key points:

1. Markets have had an exceptional run:

The first factor is the valuations of US stocks and stocks generally. We have had an extended period of low volatility and steady increases.  This has led to the Dow hitting an all-time high in January.  A correction is natural as stocks become more expensive and there is some profit taking.

2. Increasing interest rates:

Positive economic data from the US suggest wages are increasing and inflation may rise faster than expected.  To counter balance inflation the Federal Reserve Bank may have to tighten monetary policy more than expected.  This would lead to increasing interest rates which potentially could slow economic growth. 

This environment has been reflected in increasing yields on US Treasury bills.  Last week, the 10-year US Treasury bill increased to a four year high with the benchmark note approaching 3 % a level not seen since 2014.  Increased borrowing costs combined with wage growth may put pressure on lower corporate profits. 

What should investors do?

  • Keep it in perspective. Downturns are normal and usually short lived. Typically, market setbacks have been followed by longer periods of advancing markets

  • Stay disciplined. Stick to your long-term plan and do not make changes based on short-term fluctuations (positive or negative). Trying to time the market has proven challenging – and could lower your overall long-term return

  • Invest regularly, despite volatility. Investing regularly will help mitigate any short-term fluctuations by buying more when prices are low and less when prices are high. 

  • Be comfortable with your asset allocation and investments. Make sure you understand the potential for volatility and you are comfortable with that before investing in the market.

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