Our Philosophy

Principles first

Our first principle is to put our client's interests first: Our Investment Professionals are charged with the responsibility of providing you with the finest service and products available in the marketplace - services and products that best meet your needs, goals and objectives. The top financial products and independent advice, and our client's confidence that they are receiving independent advice, are key to our mutual success.

You are always in control of your own money

The role of our Investment Professionals is to provide you with financial planning and investment advice to help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. However, no action will ever be taken by our investment advisors to modify, change, or otherwise interfere with your investment portfolio without your knowledge and express consent.

It is our principle to provide you with full written disclosure

  • Full disclosure about the level of investment risk associated with the various products we offer, as well as their potential rewards
  • Full disclosure about the qualifications of our staff and about how they and G&F Financial Group are compensated
  • Full disclosure about the fees and charges you are likely to encounter with each product or service along the way