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Suppress your statement online!

An e-Statement is a free electronic copy of your banking account statement available through online banking. Each statement can be downloaded once it’s ready and printed out in paper form if needed. Advantages of statement suppression and e-statements include:

  • Less physical filing and record keeping
  • Increased level of security against identity theft through the mail
  • Reduce your carbon footprint on the environment by using fewer resources to produce and deliver paper statements
  • e-Statements are archived for up to seven years

e-Statements vs. Paper Statements

We think that e-Statements are more convenient and environmentally friendly that traditional paper statements. What do you think? 

e-Statements Paper Statement
Get your statement sooner. Your e-Statements are available online days after month-end. Paper statements have to be printed, stuffed and mailed. Further delays are caused by holidays/long weekends when mailing facilities are closed.
Quick and easy access to account information in one place, anywhere you have access to the internet. Paper statements have to be physically filed and stored – taking up valuable space in your home! And, if you’re not at home, you don’t have instant access to your information.
Simplify your filing with an automatic archiving system for up to seven years. With paper statements, you have to remember to file them and then remember where you filed them!
A green alternative. Paper statements are printed on paper and stuffed into a paper envelope by machines. Then they are bundled and transported to the mailing facility where they are sorted, bundled and delivered to their final destination.
Free with any account! Paper statements generally cost an additional fee, depending on the account type you choose.
e-Statements are not mailed, so there is no need to worry about mail fraud or identity theft, offering peace of mind and security. Since paper statements are mailed, you may still worry about fraudsters intercepting your mail and accessing your account information.

Remember, just like with paper statements, you are still required to report any omissions or errors within 30 days of the e-Statement posting date. Review your transactions regularly.

It's Easy to get started with e-Statements Today. Here’s how.

It’s easy to opt-out – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1
If you’re not already using online banking, visit your local G&F Financial Group branch and get setup.

Step 2
To stop receiving paper statements, login to online banking.
Select “Opt out of Paper Statements” from the menu bar along the left.

Step 3
To view your e-Statement when you are logged in to online banking, select “e-Statements” from the menu bar along the left to view, download and print your account statement whenever you need to!

It’s that easy to get set-up! For help or more information, contact us today.