The multiple user support feature means delegate user profiles can be created for individuals who are not signers on the account, but require some level of access. Signers can assign either ‘initiator’ or ‘view-only’ permissions to designated users and specify which accounts they can access.

For example, a small business may have hired an accountant to help keep business finances in order. A signer can set the accountant up as an initiator delegate. The accountant can now log in, view only the business accounts, and create transactions for bill payments and transfers. The signer(s) would then approve or reject these transactions.

Alternatively, a small business may have hired a bookkeeper during tax season to bring the paperwork up to speed. The signer can set the bookkeeper up as a read-only delegate so that the bookkeeper can log in and download the business’ electronic statements. Through read-only access, the bookkeeper can view transaction and account history information without being able to initiate any transactions on the account. (Note: Delegates cannot approve transactions.)