Online Banking Security

Password security

Some members may still be using the temporary passwords or personal access codes (PAC) originally given to them to access online banking.

To minimize the risk of fraud and breach of security in your online banking environment, we recommend that you change your password from this temporary access code, and follow these tips on password security and online banking security when using G&F Financial Group's MemberDirect® online banking service.

Password security tips

  • Choose unique passwords. Passwords with five to eight digits and a mix of numbers are a good idea. Obvious choices, birthdays or telephone numbers should be avoided.
  • Do not use the same passwords for different applications or Internet services.
  • Disable the auto complete function in your web browser for usernames and passwords.
  • Change your passwords frequently and do not reveal it to anyone or write it down.

Other Important Tips

  • Only share personal information with trusted third parties.
  • Do not share your online banking password with anyone.
  • If you walk away from your computer, ensure you are properly signed out of online banking and have closed your browser.
  • If you are using any computer other than your own, always end your banking session and close the browser.