Online Banking Alerts - FAQs

What are Alerts? Expand/Collapse

Alerts allow you to receive notifications about banking activity and other events on your account. Alerts can be set up and managed on our online banking service at any time.

How can I receive Alerts? Expand/Collapse

You can receive alerts by either email, text message, or both. You are able to set up three contacts.

Am I charged for using Alerts? Expand/Collapse

This service is provided free of charge to our members. However, when you receive text message Alerts, your wireless carrier may charge for receiving text messages. Please check with your wireless carrier for details.

Is any personal information contained in an Alert? Expand/Collapse

Personal and personally identifiable information is not transmitted in the alert message. Accounts are identified by nicknames. Nicknames are also used for SMS Text Banking.

What happens to Alerts when my phone or email isn't working for a while? Expand/Collapse

If you happen to be out of range or experiencing service interruptions when an Alert is sent, you can still view your Alerts history for the past 30 days under the Alerts History page through online banking.

Am I guaranteed to receive Alerts sent to me? Expand/Collapse

Alerts cannot be guaranteed simply because we cannot guarantee the stability of the wireless and internet networks being used. Service interruptions to networks or being out of the service range, can cause a delay in receiving text messages. You can check the Alerts sent to you on the Alerts History page of online banking—there you'll find all the Alerts sent to you within the last 30 days

Why do I see two CHQ0s? Expand/Collapse

For Alerts on multiple accounts, if account 1 has a Chequing 0 and account 2 has a Chequing 0, both will default to the same name. To change this, click Manage Alerts Contacts and Mobile Nicknames, click Edit Nickname and rename the applicable account with a new nickname.

Why isn't my mobile carrier listed in the carrier drop down menu? Expand/Collapse

Some discount carriers do not offer short code program functionality on their mobile phones. Unfortunately this is out of our control and is limited by the carrier.

What if I no longer with to receive an Alert? Expand/Collapse

Log in to online banking and select Manage Alerts. Click on the Active Alert that you no longer wish to receive and click Delete.

There are only a few Alerts to choose from - will more options become available? Expand/Collapse

We will continue to add different types of alerts as they become available from our provider. Please check the Manage Alerts section regularly to see what new Alerts have been added.

Who should I contact if I notice an unauthorized withdrawal on my account? Expand/Collapse

Contact us immediately by calling 604-419-8888 or emailing