ATM Access

Your G&F Financial Group MEMBER CARD® Debit Card gives you access to thousands of ATMs across Canada, the U.S., and worldwide. As a Credit Union member, many of those Canadian ATMs are ding-free®, meaning you aren't "dinged" for every ATM transaction. 

For a list of G&F Financial Group ATMs and branches, click here. 

What does ding-free mean? It means that members never have to pay surcharges at Credit Union and other participating ATMs across Canada for withdrawls, deposits, and balance inquiries. It's ding-free®, from Canadian sea-to-sea! 

Download the ding-free ATM Locator App to find the nearest ding-free ATM to you, and never pay ATM surcharges again. 

Exclusive to G&F members, our ATMs offer US cash.