Business Mastercard

The Business Card Mastercard® is perfect for small businesses and corporate members who want financial convenience and control. Accepted worldwide, this convenient payment option can save you time and money by providing an easier method for tracking and managing business expenses. With no annual or per-card fees for account maintenance, introductory pricing for 6 months, and a new cash back* option available with a low annual fee of $75 per account, you receive a unique package of benefits and worldwide recognition.

Our Business Mastercard credit card allows you to do the following:

  • Consolidate business purchasing
  • Streamline billing and payment
  • Improve cash flow
  • Simplify expense management
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Maximize productivity
  • Enhance purchasing information and analysis.


  • 3.99% introductory annual interest rate on balance transfers
  • Cash back feature*
  • 2 convenient payment methods - consolidated or individual pay
  • MasterTrip®
  • MasterRental®
  • MasterPurchase®
  • MasterLegal®

    Business Mastercard Credit Card Payment Methods Expand/Collapse

    The Business Mastercard credit card allows the business to choose between two different payment methods: Consolidated Pay or Individual Pay.

    Consolidated Pay Features

    • The business receives a consolidated statement and each employee on the account receives a courtesy statement for information purposes only. One payment is to be remitted by the business and paid to the control account.
    • Purchases made throughout the day are transferred to the business' control account every night. For an accurate balance, employees should consult the balance on the control account.
    • The consolidated payment option is ideally suited to an incorporated business with many employees. By selecting this option, the business can make one payment on the account and control monthly spending limits.

    Individual Pay Features

    • The combined credit limit of the individual accounts cannot exceed the business' total approved credit limit. Purchases and cash advances are approved or declined based on the available credit of the individual account.
    • Employees receive a separate statement with an amount due and there is no summary statement created for the business. Payments must be remitted for each individual account.
    • The individual payment option may be ideally suited to a partnership with two or more partners. Selecting this option allows the partners to separate their finances.
    Talk to one of our Business Specialists today to determine the best fit for your business!

    With the optional cash back feature, business owners can earn a percentage of their monthly net retail transactions. The more the primary account holder and other authorized cardholders spend, the more the cash back amount accumulates.

    An annual fee is charged when the cash back feature is added. If the member has the consolidated pay method, a $75 annual fee will be charged to the control account. If you have the individual pay method, a $75 fee will be charged to each individual account that has the cash back feature added.