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Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Services

If you are planning a business trip, visit one of our branches today to take advantage of the following foreign exchange services:

  • US currency on site
  • US currency in G&F ATMs
  • We also buy and sell approximately 60 different currencies at competetive rates
  • Available within 1-5 business days of your order for your convenience

Timing of foreign exchange conversions can be critical. If you are a business owner or manager who frequently or even infrequently deals across the border, G&F can help mitigate the costs associated with currency fluctuation against the US dollar. With our USD account plan and term deposits, you can maintain your purchasing power by conducting your cross-border transactions in US currency, with no need to worry about market volatility and fluctuations in exchange rates.


    Bulgaria – New Leva
    Croatia - Kuna
    Czech Republic – Koruna
    Denmark – Kroner
    European Central Bank – Euro
    Hungary – Forint
    Iceland - Krona
    Northern Ireland – Pound
    Norway – Kronor
    Poland – Zioty
    Romania – New Leu
    Russian Federation - Ruble
    Scotland – Pound
    Sweden – Kronor
    Switzerland – Franc
    Turkey – Lira
    Ukraine - Hryvnia
    United Kingdom – Pound Sterling


    China – Yuan
    Hong Kong – Dollar
    India – Rupee
    Indonesia – Rupiah
    Japan – Yen
    Korea – Won
    Malaysia – Ringgit
    Nepal - Rupee
    Pakistan – Rupee
    Philippines – Piso
    Singapore – Dollar
    Taiwan – Dollar
    Thailand – Baht
    Vietnam – Dong


    Argentina – Peso
    Bahamas – Dollar
    Barbados – Dollar
    Belize – Dollar
    Bermuda – Dollar
    Bolivia - Boliviano
    Brazil – Real
    Cayman Islands – Dollar
    Chile – Peso
    Colombia – Peso
    Costa Rica – Colones
    Dominican Republic – Peso
    Eastern Caribbean – Dollar
    Guatemala – Quetzal
    Honduras – Lempira
    Jamaica – Dollar
    Mexico – Peso
    Nicaragua – Cordoba
    Paraguay - Guarani
    Peru – New Sol
    Trinidad and Tobago – Dollar
    Uruguay - Peso
    Venezuela - Bolivar

    Middle East

    Bahrain – Dinar
    Iraq – Dinar
    Israel – Sheqalim
    Jordan – Dinar
    Kuwait – Dinar
    Lebanon - Livres
    Oman – Rial
    Qatar – Riyal
    Saudi Arabia – Riyala
    United Arab Emirates – Dirham


    Egypt – Pound
    Kenya - Shillings
    Morocco – Dirham
    Seychelles - Rupees
    South African – Rand
    Tunisia – Dinar


    Australia – Dollar
    Fiji – Dollar
    New Zealand – Dollar
    Tahiti – Franc
    To place your foreign currency order, visit any of our branches today.