Family Day closures

All branches will be closed on February 16. All branches and the Member Hub will be closed on February 18.

Robert Kosterman

Robert Kosterman

Member since 1964
Nordel Crossing Branch

It’s always been like banking with a friend

Now 80 years old, Robert Kosterman has been banking with the credit union for most of his life.

He stayed loyal through the various mergers and is proud to be a member of G&F Financial Group’s Nordel Branch. Over the years, not only has he relied on G&F for financial advice about all the usual things, from car loans to a mortgage, he has also turned to us for help on personal matters.

“The reason I have stayed with G&F for so long is because I like their social approach to banking. Everyone at the Nordel Branch is so good to me...I feel like they are friends, part of my community. In fact I was just there this morning dropping off some butter tarts. Baking is a hobby of mine and I’ve been bringing treats to the branch for about 10 years now. My banana bread is always a big hit!”