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Katrina Heinonen

Katrina Heinonen

Member since 1996
New Westminster Branch

One family, three generations of members

Now almost 20 years old, Katrina Heinonen has been a member of G&F Financial Group virtually since the day she was born. Her parents opened an account for her when she was just an infant. Today, Katrina proudly follows in the footsteps of her ‘grandma’, father and uncle and is the third generation in her family to bank with G&F Financial Group.

Keen to pursue her post-secondary education, Katrina received a member bursary from G&F in 2014, which she put towards her first year at Simon Fraser University. Now in her second year, Katrina is studying both health sciences and linguistics.

“My first memories of G&F was going into the branch and playing in the kids area while my parents did their banking. I didn’t understand the reason I was there, but I knew I liked going – and still do. It is always a positive experience. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. They know I’m in school and always ask how it’s going.”