Health and wellness

At G&F Financial Group, we understand there’s more to life than just work. Our employees are our greatest asset and so is their well-being is important to us.! We recognize the importance of focusing on the emotional and physical components that make up employee's entire being.

Here are some of the services we offer.

Employee and Family Assistance Program Expand/Collapse

When you’re facing challenges at work or at home, confidential support and counseling services are available through our Group Employee Assistance Program. Counseling may be used to help with problems related to drug, alcohol or smoking addiction, family and marital relationships, psychological pressures, including stress, anxiety, depression, financial or legal difficulties, to name a few.

Counseling is handled with a professional consultant who is experienced in all areas of personal and work related problems. The service is completely confidential and is available 24/7.

Physical Activity Program Expand/Collapse

We recognize the need for employees to lead a balanced life and encourage employees to regularly take part in physical activities outside of work. G&F Financial Group will reimburse you towards the cost of a sport-related activity and/or membership at a fitness club. Physical activities taken through your community may also be eligible for reimbursement. The amount reimbursed depends on your employment status. Some conditions may apply.

Other benefits Expand/Collapse

We offer many other benefits such as stop smoking assistance program, interest-free computer and corporate attire loans, employee referral programs, and recognition awards,  just to name a few.