Tyler MacLean,Financial Planner

We reached out to Tyler MacLean and asked him to share his thoughts on his career with G&F Financial Group.

Name: Tyler MacLean
What is your current position?: I’m a Financial Planner.
How long have you been with G&F Financial Group?: I’ve been with G&F since 2009.
How has your career changed and advanced since you first joined G&F?: G&F has given me many opportunities that have spanned from Service Representative to my current role as Financial Planner with the Wealth Management team.  I’ve also had the chance to work in many of the G&F branches – from Surrey to Vancouver, and now my position is mobile so I have the ability to travel to meet members where and when it is convenient for them.
What is your background and education?:   I have taken a few college courses and I'm currently taking my Mini-MBA through McGill University. I've also received my Associates Certificate in Financial Planning and my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation.
What do you enjoy most about working for G&F Financial Group?:   The people, hands down. I also love how my personal values of community support and collaboration align so well with G&F’s values.
What opportunities has G&F given you?:   G&F has done so much to help me in my career. I’ve been able to take educational courses, I’ve been supported through leadership initiatives and I’ve been given amazing opportunities to cross-train throughout the organization.
How would you describe G&F’s culture?:   Collaborative and inclusive. Everyone is really focused on helping and empowering members, and employees, and I find that really inspiring.
What’s one piece of career advice you would give to those looking for a career as a Financial Planner?:   Take the time to sit down with someone in the role. Learn about what’s involved and do some job shadowing so you can get a sense of what the job is all about. I would also suggest getting a clear understanding of the type of education and designations you need for a Financial Planner role and start the educational journey as soon as you can. 
How would you sum up your experience at G&F in one word?: Empowering.